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A little help goes a long way. 

The Massel Cruickshank Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund seeks to help women struggling with the additional financial burdens that they face in their time of need.


To date the Fund has helped thousands of women in the London, Ontario area. 

Here are some of their stories.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the London Health Science Foundation & the Massel-Cruickshank Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund for their generous donation of funds for my breast prostheses and mastectomy bras.


Having made the decision not to have breast reconstruction, I looked at breast prostheses as a way to look like my normal self again even though I will never feel the same way.


Not having to cover the costs which was significant, was very much appreciated by this retired person.


“Thank you” doesn’t seem to express enough my gratitude for the many donors who support the Massel-Cruickshank Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund. I have given to many charities in my lifetime but have never been on the receiving end until now.

I had surgery on December 22nd, 2017 after a third breast cancer had been diagnosed. Due to the fact that I was forced to retire earlier than I had expected last year, my financial status has taken an unexpected turn. However, thanks to your LRCP Patient Assistance Program the strain on my budget was diminished greatly and had such a positive impact on my quality of life through my recovery.


I was overwhelmed by the program’s generosity and thoughtfulness.

So once again with great gratitude and appreciation, I thank you all for having such a loving and caring program in place for women like myself who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Miracles and Kindness.


I am a grateful recipient of help from the Massel-Cruickshank Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund through London Health Sciences Foundation.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer Aug 3/17 and underwent a double mastectomy Sept 6/17 at 46 years old. Fortunately, margins and lymph nodes came back clear and my risk assessment low. This meant no chemo or radiation for me just Tamoxifen, a prescription pill once a day.


Mine is a much different story than my sister’s. She passed away of breast cancer at 38 years old in 1992.


I was too young then to remember how she handled prosthetics and that there were different kinds.

Trying to navigate this whole process of cancer, treatment, and pain was a very stressful process. With the help of programs like yours, not only am I learning my new normal but I am starting to feel comfortable with my body again.


I love my new 2 piece bathing suit, L & R prosthetics and new bra!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I cannot THANK YOU enough for your financial assistance with bras, bathing suit, wig and prosthetics it means so much!

My mother passed away from leukaemia several years ago and I remember my father being left with huge bills from her treatments etc. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I had a small understanding that there would be a lot of expenses, but was still very surprised at the costs.


Programs like yours mean so much to help with the burden of these costs.


My husband and I are self employed without a benefit program and an average income, so without the help of organizations like yours we would be totally overwhelmed.


It means so much to get help like this so that our lives are not devastated by the costs involved with this disease. There is so much to deal with and the fact that you take this burden away is so very appreciated.

Thank you so much.


I received a cheque for wig.

Thank you very much for your support.

I feel that I am not alone and it warms my heart.

Thank you very much! 


I would like to say thank you for the money for my mastectomy prosthesis & bra. I had a mastectomy. It caused back pain due to the weight removed from one side.


I could not afford the prosthesis.


Thank you very much for your help!


I would like to share a bit of my story with you to express my gratitude. I'm almost 64 and I live by myself. I was diagnosed with breast cancer early last summer. I work for seniors doing homemaking services such as cleaning, laundry and shopping.


I had a mastectomy in July and I have now started my chemo therapy and will finish that up by the end of January I think. Then in March I will have five weeks of radiation. I was mostly self-employed and I was not able to receive any EI sick benefits. If all goes well I hope to be back to work sometime in April.

I was thrilled to hear that you were going to be able to reimburse the cost of the wig that I bought! As you well know there are many extra expenses to pay for when you're dealing with cancer. The wig is a lovely one and a very realistic looking!

I thank you again for your generosity in helping me and all of the other people that you help!

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